10 Reasons why your business should upgrade from NAV to Business Central

Dynamic 365 Business Central rolled out in 2018. It is an evolved version of the NAVone supply chain management system that offers all the functionalities of the legacy solution with all shortcomings fixed and enhanced features included. If you haven’t updated the Business Central, you might be missing a great opportunity for your business enhancements. In this post, we will discuss 10 reasons why business owners and individual entrepreneurs or contractors should upgrade to the Dynamic 365 Business Central. Let’s explore!

1: Improved User Interface

Business Central now features an upgraded, modern user interface (UI) with a fresh appearance and feel that emphasizes simplicity of use and navigation.

2: Better Integration

The enhanced ERP solution is aimed to integrate more tightly with Microsoft’s other software solutions, such as Office 365 and Power BI, and, more notably, Microsoft Teams.

3: Cloud Hosting

With Business Central, you can choose between cloud-based and on-premise hosting. It has all of the features you’re used to with the old solution, plus the added flexibility of cloud-hosted solutions.

4: Handy Upgrades

If you choose to use Microsoft’s Business Central in the cloud, your ERP software will receive automatic upgrades on a half-monthly basis. You can also choose to postpone your upgrading for 90 days.

5: AL Coding For Easy Upgrades

The new Microsoft solution utilizes the AL language. Extensions are used to customize the platform rather than making changes to the primary base of the platform. It makes the upgrades simpler and more comprehensive.

6: Improved features

Business Central offers many new and updated features. The list includes an updated commands bar and buttons, a more intuitive search feature, a larger command bar, and several others.

7: Insightful Business Analytics

Through incorporated Power BI, Business Central provides a full perspective of your business using real-time data and business analytics to provide actionable insights. It helps you to make well-informed business decisions for the betterment of your business.

8: Automation

The evolved version of the legacy solution enables the automation of workflows with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Flow to improve efficiency. By automating the core competencies of your business, you can save your time and efforts and invest them in other important operational processes.

9: Seamless Data Sharing

The new edition of Dynamics NAV allows for easy data sharing with Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 for Sales CRM platform. With better-shared access to the data among your personnel, you can speed up your business growth.

10: Reduced Operational Cost

Cloud access to the data can eliminate the need for the deployment of the physical hardware infrastructure and other equipment, thereby reducing the overall cost.

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