3 Way Microsoft Dynamics NAV Streamlines Process Manufacturing

Process manufacturing is a very unique vertical market that is unlike traditional manufacturing because of the companies in this niche process liquids, chemicals, and fine blended ingredients. Usually, the inventory is combined in a batch based on a recipe/formula, and the inventory is not assembled but rather blended. This results in some unique properties include the yield factors and re-blended the waste products. Because of these unique factors, the traditional manufacturing software does not fit these manufacturers.

Microsoft acquired a process industry solution, which provides the tight integration of business processes across distribution, discrete and process manufacturing to help increase the efficiency and cut the operational cost for businesses that specialize in process manufacturing. This industry solution extends the core capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics® NAV(Navision), and we think this is the best solution for this unique area because of these 3 main factors:

1. Flexible and Adaptable: You can define the multiple inventory dimensions, including the dual units of measure, catch-weight calculations, packaged codes, variations to the main item and lots. You can also support the flexible product configuration and packaging options.

2. Accurate Capacity Planning and Production Costing: Through the graphical representations of multi-level formulas, you can analyze and monitor the production costs helping you to stay on track financially.

3. Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Because the solution is tightly integrated with the Microsoft Office system applications, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft SharePoint Services, you can rest assured your IT investment is worthwhile.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Over Following Function To Your Process Manufacturing Industry

  • Batch tracking
  • By-Production
  • Capacity planning
  • Component availability
  • Costings
  • Detailed planning and planning board
  • HR requirement matrix
  • Laboratory
  • Maintenance and setup orders
  • Order network
  • Production simulation
  • Production structure
  • Quality management and checklists
  • Recipe management
  • Sequence planning
  • Tool management
  • Vendor rating
  • Automotive connectivity via automotive

If you struggle with the one-dimensional solutions out there for manufacturers, contact us to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics NAV(Navision) for process manufacturing. We are the Microsoft partner and expertise in implementation, migration, upgradation, providing license and support.