Auto component manufacturers have to innovate themselves and realign strategies continuously to keep abreast with the new regulations, material requirements, or simply the need to find resonance with the end customers. The processes not only need to conform to standards but also be agile enough to accommodate a multitude of offerings and refinements, and accompany that with the feedback mechanism. Being in the middle of the value chain is no easy task as Auto suppliers have to

  • Stay in close loop with the vendors, competitors, law makers (compliance) and Auto makers
  • Balance the entire gamut of technology trends, new alliances and partnerships within the industry
  • Match quality standards with competitor benchmarking and six sigma practices.

Maintain Standards

Being in a highly customer quality centric industry; automotive makers have to keep close conformance to prescribed norms and parameters. Quality solutions help you to define preventive measures and quality controls in inbound and outbound processes.

Process Efficiency

With multi-stage production supported by ERP, every process and robust manufacturing methods can be automated through ERP to minimize waiting periods and streamline production flow.

Six Sigma

With multiplicity of rejection rates at various stages of production; achieving Six Sigma standards is achievable by incorporating lean manufacturing supported by ERP in your organization.

Labor Laws

Define safety measures against each task can help creating congenial shop floor environment and keeping a tab on the safety procedures.

Material Utilization

Since several steps during manufacturing involves scrap or waste creation; we assist you in tracking so that best value is obtained from raw material.

Accurate Planning

With end objective of achieving optimum inventory level and best customer service; planning is an important part of the business cycle which is achieved by the ERP solution.

Prudence Offering

While this industry has witnessed tremendous growth in the past led by mass manufacturing, future roadmap shall be defined by achieving robust methods and sensitivity to customer perceptions. With the correct adoption of Enterprise solution, Prudence has been able to assist decision makers with strategic insights across all functions-

  • Technology & product development
  • Supply chain
  • Risk analysis
  • Regulatory environment assessment
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Distribution
  • Sales & marketing strategy.

The solution consists of:

  • Core Financials
  • Manufacturing Process with MPS/MRP
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Product Management
  • Quality Control
  • Inventory Management
  • Market Campaigns
  • New Product Discovery
  • Customer Support
  • NAVCube
  • Endecaa – Oracle Information Discovery
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