The management in an organization has very limited time to attend to the day to day functioning and work progress status of its employees. They would like to see the bigger picture in front of them. On the other hand, the reporting managers have to find consolidated information of various functions, branches and employees so as to monitor dimension wise progress. Herein, a Business Intelligence tool comes into play as it fetches real time data from field and user level, circumventing the age old methods of manual reporting and repetitive labor of generating reports.

According to Gartner, Business Intelligence is a key ingredient of success today, used by forward thinking organizations as a driver for business innovation. Keeping in line with this philosophy, our BI solutions help organizations keep close tab on their business performance by providing dynamic & user defined reporting. By rendering on-the-fly reports and dashboards, business metrics get easily captured on systems which bring transparency and efficiency in identifying further progress.

OBI Enterprise Edition

As reliable service provider and Oracle partner we assist you in designing an optimal BI architecture and in building a data warehouse environment which delivers the

NAVCube – Analytics for Dynamics

NAVCUBE™ a cost effective and user friendly Business Analytics solution for Microsoft™ Dynamics Solutions helps …


Global business analytical trend is changing…are you prepared for it? Can you quickly access all the information you need to analyze, internally as well as externally to …
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