Company overview

Incorporated in 2010 in New Delhi on the philosophy of “CAS (Customer Acquisition & Satisfaction)”. Prudence Technology Pvt. Ltd. helps organizations to choose and implement business solutions like ERP, Business Intelligence, CRM, and Human Capital Management on cloud or on premise.
Prudence has worked its way through by delivering business solutions to more than 200 satisfied customers in different verticals such as Feed, Livestock, Retail, Telecom, Waste Management, Processed Foods, Automotive Suppliers, Pharmaceutical, NGO, etc . We derive our continued success through the foundation laid down by the senior management whose diverse experience in global top 5 IT companies was the force behind our core philosophies and methodologies which have been diligently and meticulously followed and adhered to, for every small and big step.

The underlying principle followed in our executions is that any organization goes through an IT journey unique to itself but having more or less a similar route of “Discover IT”, “Consult IT”, “Implement IT”, “Sustain IT”, “Enhance IT” and finally “Getting IT right”. Hence before going on to propose a business solution, Prudence tries to understand the pulse of the organization; as to where it stands in terms of this journey. Accordingly, the right methodology is followed to help them grow and nurture in adopting and rightly executing the purposeful Enterprise solution as Oracle Gold Partner & Microsoft Dynamics Partner.

Mission & Vision


To be a value creating global IT solution provider, while sustaining our core values.
Our Core Values are

  • Transparency
  • Innovation
  • Support diversity
  • Ethical

Our focus area shall be Enterprise Advisory & Business IT System Integrator.


Prudence Technology has confined its vision into following business verticals due to available expertise:

  • Retail & Distribution/E-Commerce
  • Telecom
  • Animal Husbandry/Farm (Poultry, Dairy, Livestock)

To accomplish our vision Prudence utilizes and invest into following technologies:

  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Oracle Technology
  • Bespoke Application

The Team

Our team forms the integral core of Prudence mission. Leveraging our core strength which lies with the experienced and senior team members, we devote effective time grooming young team members who with right talent and upright values become our flag bearers.

The important characteristics we ensure in our Team Members are:

  • Constant learner and desire to keep improving towards that.
  • Potential to become an entrepreneur and drive each action towards same.

If you are interested in learning, growing your skills by facing the hard situations and working in the real life challenges please visit our career page.

Work Culture

Prudence relies heavily on nurturing long term relation with its employees, as both the organization and the personnel grow from strength to strength by taking this journey together.

Prudence prides on having a very high retention rate of its employees. We foster not just a working relation but a vision of mutual trust whereby the employee is trusted to continuously gain and skillfully deliver in the learning environment provided by the organization; and the organization fulfills its commitment of carefully tending to each person by identifying his or her strength areas; and enabling him to leverage upon the same.

Through an environment of true learning and constant sharing, we strive to achieve valued workforce whose reinforced expertise over time becomes the tool to win the confidence of the industry fraternity.

Our Custom Industry Solutions

“The results were clear, professional, and persuasive, and the investors and advisors who have seen the materials loved them. They know what investors want!”

Damian Smulders
CTO, DeepOcean Entertainment

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