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Supply chain is a network made by manufacturer and its suppliers to complete a product. The chain means actually the links between multiple suppliers to provide the parts or elements of the
product. Later the product is distributed to warehouses or distribution centers after completion.
Finally the product is sent to stores where a user can buy the product. In short supply chain is a network of companies or departments in an organization.

Each node (manufacturer, supplier, distributor, retailer) have specific position in the chain. The link between nodes is made in a particular order. The product cannot reach to a node without passing from the previous node. The link between nodes add time and cost. Every company can have more than one supply chains for different products. The supply chain is not only just a supporter. But it has become a core component of every existing and new business. A good, fast and efficient supply chain can grow the business.

Today supply chain executives are looking for strategies that can help them to develop an efficient and cost saving supply chain. Those strategies must be flexible and scalable supported by digital technologies. With such strategies, the supply chain could not only grow but enable penetration to new geographic areas and have the ability to meet ever-changing user requirements or expectations.

To transform this into reality. We need to restructure our supply chain network with digital technologies. NAVfarm ERP solutions powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV can take your supply network to new level of excellence.

Below we discuss some important points that how can we grow our supply chain network with unlimited number of users using NAVfarm ERP solutions.

Centralized Information
The objective of the supply chain is efficiency. A real-time and meticulous information play a vital role in it. Imagine every department such as procurement, sales, customer relation, production and shipping are sharing their respective information in real-time, the productivity level will definitely grow. Dynamics NAV provide a centralized information feature where each department can access the information any time and at any place. It means your working team can rapidly access reliable information to fulfil promises and deliver the order expeditiously.

Inventory Management and Transparency
Human error and deception are the indefinite issues with the supply chain. Another problem with inventory management is to match the physical numbers with number in the software. There are always some things which are forgotten or hidden somewhere. Dynamics NAV brings transparency in the whole supply chain network by providing real-time access to inventory details, order details, receipts and delivery status.

Automatic Ordering System
Generation of automatic order is one of best features of ERP systems. This feature is very important when you have countless number of users and you are required to meet their supply demands without any delay. Dynamics NAV has the ability to automate the whole process from purchase, sale and warehouse. The system automatically generates a new order when inventory level goes below a threshold value.

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