ERP Selection Guide for Agriculture And 5 Best ERPs for Agriculture You Need to Explore

The agriculture business is considered the backbone of the Indian economy. For years, farmers use different methods and primitive ways for better yield. However, recently the emergence of the latest technology has led to the automation of things in many ways to be carried out in agriculture.

Thus, to handle these complex challenges, the agriculture industry, and the agriculture commodities need the right ERP or right business software solutions. Enterprise resource planning is one such platform that is sophisticatedly designed to solve agricultural business challenges.

Not to forget that the agriculture businesses are facing the pressure to combat the ongoing tariff battles, monitor price downs, and satisfy the evolving customer demands. Side by side, they also need to stay in compliance with the ongoing mandates.

An ERP software system helps manage all the business processes such as distributions, procurement, quality control, and the supply chain to maintain all these at a reasonable price.

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There are five agriculture challenges that the right ERP needs to address accurately. Hence, while finding the right ERP, make sure to pay some attention to these essential things. So, let’s read them.

ERP Selection Guide for Agriculture

Managing the Product Efficiently

Coordinating the seasons, scheduling, and supply chain of the agriculture equipment and employees is paramount for the agricultural efficiency, especially in the multiple farms.

Therefore, the right ERP software system provides you the functional efficiency during all the phases of the planning and production that includes:

  • Cost capture information
  • Crops planted
  • Business partners
  • Planting and sowing data
  • Production forecasts
  • Other agricultural tasks and employee data

When the agriculture production and sowing need to be scheduled, make sure to have the ERP solutions that help provide you the scheduling tool to organize everything like quantities, segments, machines, and people.

HRMS Integration

There are various seasonal tasks needed to be done by the farmer on the farm. Hence, an ERP with the best integrated HRMS integration functionality helps track the employee’s data to get paid correctly and have the means of payments and other associated costs with the workers.

The ERP solution software helps manage the entire process outdoors like food and water management, and other crews work even in sanitation facilities.

Addressing the Pricing Pressure

Commodity prices are the main challenges for agribusinesses. Moreover, changing the trade policies, geographical gamesmanship, and tariffs have dealt a blow to every agricultural business and created extraordinary agricultural conditions.

Thus, make sure that the ERP solution has specific functionality for the agriculture industry. This will help you to decide better, which ERP software is accurate for your needs.

Managing the Supply Procurement

Agricultural resource management is the most crucial topic in agriculture. The input prices for fertilizers, water, pesticides, and herbicides are increasing. Moreover, resources such as land and water are also becoming scarcer.

From managing the planning to analysis and supply chain management, all these things require the ERP to provide the relevant tools.

Meeting the Regulatory Demands

With the coming regulations in the play at state, federal, and local levels, the agricultural businesses need the right ERP solutions to keep a track record and track the data for the safety and quality.

The regulations require the agricultural business to have highly optimized systems to trace the products, data, ingredients, and demand documentation. With the right agriculture ERP software solution, you can manage all the regulatory demands.

Five Best Agriculture ERP Software Solutions

Krisol ERP

Krisol ERP is one of the best software that helps to manage all the agriculture business needs. The software can help you manage the inventory of crops and other things. Depending upon your business needs, the software can be customized based on supply chain management, HR, finance, distribution & trading, etc.

It further improves the productivity on land and records the complete data such as crop sowing and harvesting.

CropIn SmartFarm

The second best ERP software solution is CropIn SmartFarm. It is an easy to use solution for managing the farm businesses. Besides that, it is a smart agriculture solution that revolutionizes farming with the right output predictability.

This ERP solution also helps to get the advice for the crops based on the weather forecast. Along with this, it helps to stick to the acquiescence for the perfect farm management. The system comes with an alert log that helps send reminders regarding the situation that needs quick action like a pest infestation.


PanAgro is the best comprehensive agriculture ERP software solution ideal for the agri-businesses of all sizes. Besides that, it can easily integrate with handheld devices like tablets and smartphones to determine crop productivity, track farmer attendance, and regulate sales.

With this software, you can define the task, track status on time, and assign them work. The BI tools help in enhancing the operational efficiency with real-time updates. Further, it helps to facilitate productivity, agronomy, and nursery.


This farmer information management system helps to record, capture, and manage the complete data related to personal details of the farmers, farm, and livestock management. It helps to suggest the crop based on the soil health card.

It also helps keep a track record of the future stock and provides the right information of land-based on longitude, Khasra, and latitude.

Aahaar ERP

Last in the list is Aahaar ERP. It helps in managing the different ERP functions in agriculture, food manufacturing, and export businesses. The agriculture software can also be deployed in spices, flour mills, sugar mills, and frozen food stores. It also helps in managing the finance function and accounting.

Bottom Line

Agriculture business accounts for the overall economy, as we know. On the same side, like other businesses, it also requires the best ERP solutions that help manage all the activities, including sowing and harvesting, accounting, and other things.

So, we’ve compiled up the five best ERP solutions for agriculture to manage all things accurately.

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