How An Onsite-Offsite mix support model can be a fast and economical option for your business?

What includes in onsite-offsite mix support model:

 The onsite-offsite mix support model combines the ability to provide consistent, dedicated IT
support with efficiency and cost savings.

 It provides a balance of both onsite and remote technical resources in order to meet organizational

 Onsite services consist of IT professionals who are physically present at an organization’s premises
for regular maintenance or troubleshooting tasks,

 While offsite services involve remotely providing round-the-clock monitoring, diagnosis and
resolution for any issues that arise from hardware or software problems such as network outages or
computer malfunctions.

How does it Benefits your Business:

Expert support: By having experts available to advise and help with any issues, it can reduce
costly downtime and ensure that your business as productive and efficient as possible.
Flexibility and scalability: Flexibility and scalability are key benefits that come from investing in
business solutions. It allows businesses to adjust their operations to meet evolving needs or
goals as market conditions change.

Cost savings: Cost savings are one of the greatest advantages that businesses could gain
through using a managed IT service provider. Managed services can provide greater
efficiency and cost-effectiveness in outsourcing IT functions.

Streamline processes: Helps to streamline the way your business operates, saving you
time and money. Through automated processes and cloud-based features, Prudence
allows you to manage all aspects of your enterprise from a single interface.