How Microsoft Dynamics help to B2B Ecommerce Business

As we all know that B2B Market is growing the market share roughly 59% of retail businesses. As their business challenges applies to more than growing there revenues and sales. Some of major areas of concern identified as B2B business challenges, as well as some suggestions for understanding the requirement of a product which will beneficial for B2B Business.

For the Many B2B companies, it can be challenging to define ERP Requirements. This is especially true for B2B companies that may be running an older version ERP that may not have capability to handle the B2B business requirements.

Challenges of identify ERP for B2B eCommerce business:

  • Business Complexity
  • No Single Source of Data
  • Define ERP Requirements for E-commerce
  • Inventory Management
  • Investment on Technology Solutions
  • Long Journey to improve their use of Data & Tool
  • Social Data
  • Ideal Client Profile
  • Market Intelligence
  • Relationship Intelligence
  • Past Schedule and Repeat Orders
  • Customer Royalty and retention
  • Marketing Challenges
  • Countering competitions
  • Improving internal process
Benefits of ERP to B2B Business
  • Easy to Integrate with CRM, Website or other portals.
  • Single Source of Data Finance, Sales, Purchase, Warehouse, Bank, wallets.
  • Work with existing process to manage order including credit control, pricing, Order tracking etc.
  • Easy to manage customer data and product Management
  • Cloud optimized Solution.
  • Manage & Track on Sales Leads
  • Real time update on Item Availability, Revenues, losses, Payments, Refunds
  • Real time reporting any time
  • Interlink finance with Sales, Purchase, warehouse, Vendor
  • Improved demand and supply planning
  • Reduce Costs and losses
  • Ability to track marketing and advertising expenses
  • Intercompany transaction handling
  • Customer-specific catalogues, prices and terms
  • Boost the Sales and Save the cost.
About the Author:
Kunj Bihari Agrawal is a senior functional consultant for Microsoft Dynamics Nav. Kunj has a rich experience of over 11 years in finance domain & India statutory in MSD NAV. He has a passion for exploring possibilities of easing the entire ERP migration for corporate and is currently working with various government and private focus groups in ironing out the creases & roadblocks for GST migration on various technology platforms. He can be reached at: