Considered to be the benchmark of India’s transition towards its self-fulfillment, Industrial manufacturing that encompasses Capital goods, Consumer goods (durables/ non-durables), Intermediate goods, Heavy manufacturing etc. is experiencing huge demands for meeting the indigenous needs. The need for process automation and local sourcing along with the growing move towards an enterprise workforce culture (labor law reforms) are calling for having a consolidated framework that

  • Manages complex supply chains
  • Keeps quality under check & control
  • Nurtures design and process innovation
  • Brings better visibility from shop floor to all other business units

Distribution Network

The reach of any industry is through the end product reaching out to as many customers as possible with minimum lead time & wastage in supply chain. Effective planning and tracking in ERP will achieve the same.

Trade Skills

From head engineers to laborers, the manpower should be adept at accomplishing the requisite orders in stipulated time. By defining the resource qualification and skills you achieve higher efficiency.

Managing Margins

Finance accounting in ERP captures overhead & indirect costs, giving control on surmounting and unaccounted cost; industry needs to define prices based on actual money incurred.

Machine Efficiency

Undoubtedly the heart of any industrial domain, machine scheduling, loading & production rate needs to be optimally utilized.

Accurate Forecasting

With either sales force punching in orders or repeat business; MPS is a critical leg of the business to deliver goods on time. ERP supports enterprise planning for the MPS & MRP.

Product Innovation

Slight variations or updates are demanded by customer from time to time. This requires managing cost & quality of new product development. Complete product version control on BOM/Master data is achieved by ERP.

Prudence Offering

Prudence has enabled several of these organizations to realize consolidated flow of information that aids in carrying out their activities on a day to day basis with better confidence of achieving desired results in production, quality and service. Correct planning method is the key through which any manufacturer can go from being good to great, and this is what we incorporate invariably in our solutions. The days of working in dark incessantly without knowing the true costing (inclusive of overheads/ indirect cost), purchasing trend (vendor management) and inventory flow (both between WIP and backward/ forward chains) are long over. Industry is now embracing shop floor automation, energy management, e-governance for statutory/compliance, tracking carbon footprint (environmental regulations), specialized production, spare parts management, mobility and in general, cross organizational analytics for actionable information.

The solution consists of :

  • Core Financials
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Product Management
  • Material Planning
  • Resource Planning
  • Purchase Controls
  • Quality Assurance
  • Manufacturing Control
  • Market Campaigns
  • New Product Discovery
  • Customer Support
  • NAVCube
  • Endecaa – Oracle Information Discovery
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