ERP for Livestock / Poultry

FCR Matters

The livestock and particularly the Poultry sector are being driven by an expanding middle class and the emergence of vertically integrated poultry producers that have reduced consumer prices by lowering production and marketing costs. The industry is being redefined by the process oriented production that starts right from the breeding of Grandparent birds to broilers and hatcheries (rearing), interlinked with feed production for internal consumption/ outer sales, and further eggs/ meat/ frozen foods production.

Poultry sector integration can yield substantial benefits for the sector in terms of planning the various farm activities. Hence this industry needs to move beyond mere accounting based practices to adopting an all composite solution which closely monitors the key parameters in various rearing, processing and environment monitoring/controlling/ tracing stages.

Feed Conversion Ratio

Online real time calculation of the FCR on the basis of the data entered by the users in the farm house.

Farm Activity Scheduling

Advance scheduling of the vaccinations, feeds, health checks as per the defined parameters. Material procurement planning as per the scheduled table.

Animal Mortality Reduction

Advance predication and parameter controls can prevent the mortality of the Animals, hence helping the farm owners to achieve a lower mortality ratio.


Traceability to the flock numbers and FCR monitoring as per flock helps in identifying the quality of the flock by the suppliers.


Since so many input factors go into the making of the end product; hence loaded cost calculation is a vital parameter, we help you in calculating flock wise / shed wise / farmhouse wise / enterprise wide cost of the end product.

Online Reporting

Reporting about the consumption, receipt of the goods, dispatch of the material in the real time from farm house to the HO.

Prudence Offering

The Prudence team has done an in-depth industry study whereby we have been able to identify and implement through systems; the crucial parameters that govern better efficiency in production. Our systems give management the complete visibility and analysis of current production and future estimation by enabling the farm staff to

  • Track/ schedule animal vaccination
  • Find Body weight gain
  • Controlling diseases
  • Finding sexing errors
  • Feed scheduling

The solution consists of :

  • Core Financials
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Product Management
  • Dynamic Pricing Management – Offers & Discounts
  • Market Campaigns
  • New Product Discovery
  • Customer Support
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