Oracle BI SE 1 vs Oracle BI SE vs Oracle BI EE Plus

Oracle has released three editions of Oracle Business Intelligence suite and all have always wondered, What is the basic difference between three editions. After acquisition of Siebel by Oracle, we could see major changes in Oracle Business intelligence products. Oracle BI Standard Edition one and Oracle BI Enterprise Edition Plus had their basic blueprint from Siebel Analytics.

Oracle BI Standard Edition One suite is a integrated BI system which is aimed towards small and medium sized organizations. Oracle BI SE 1 is compatible with Oracle BI EE Plus, thus protecting the investment when upgrading to Oracle BI EE Plus. Oracle BI SE 1 includes following products

  •     Oracle Database  Standard Edition One
  •     Oracle Warehouse Builder ( ETL )
  •     Oracle BI Server
  •     Oracle BI Server Administrator
  •     Oracle BI Publisher
  •     Oracle BI Interactive dashboards
  •     Oracle Answers

Oracle BI Standard Edition consists traditional Oracle BI products  which are basically Discoverer, Oracle Reports etc. To implement Dashboards using Oracle BI SE, we need to use Oracle Portal which is one of the component of Oracle Application server.  Oracle BI SE is not directly compatible with Oracle BI SE 1 and Oracle BI EE. Products included in Oracle BI SE is as follows

  •     Oracle BI Discoverer
  •     Oracle BI Spreadsheet Add-in
  •     Oracle BI Beans
  •     Oracle Reports Service

Oracle BI Enterprise Edition Plus suite is a comprehensive BI solution aimed at large organizations. Like Oracle BI SE 1, Oracle BI EE plus has its blueprint from Siebel Analytics and Hyperion. The Suite consits of following Products

  •     Oracle BI Server
  •     Oracle BI Server Administrator
  •     Oracle BI Interactive Dashboards
  •     Oracle BI Delivers
  •     Oracle BI Answers
  •     Oracle BI Disconnected Analysis
  •     Oracle BI Publisher
  •     Oracle BI briefing books
  •     Hyperion Interactive Reporting
  •     Hyperion Financial Reporting
  •     Hyperion Web Analysis
  •     Hyperion SQR production Reporting.