Payroll Outsourcing Services


Traditionally HR has been operating as a ‘department’ or as a ‘Function’. With oneviewHR, transform to HR as a “Service”

What is “HR as a Service”:

Your HR and Payroll Team will function as a Service Provider to your 3 important stakeholders,

  • Employees
  • Management
  • Accounts Team

Key principles of your “HR as a Service”

  • Customer Delight : Quick response and personalization
  • Service Levels for all services : quality and timeliness
  • Optimal costing structure: variable and transparent costing
  • Flexibility to change: keep pace with the changes in business

How can we help you convert your HR to HR-as-a-Service


1. Best in class HR Technology: implement a robust on-cloud HRMS system. Also get all your point solutions like Attendance, Accounts integrated to HRMS

2. Consolidate all HR related Processes: In most of the organizations processes related HR are scattered across

  • IT Teams – who manage HR system, Attendance Devices etc
  • HR Business Partners
  • Accounts Team – Who manage Income Tax declarations / calculations
  • Time Office – who manage Attendance recording
  • PF / ESI consultants
  • HR Operations / Payroll resources
  • Consolidate all these processes with ONE TEAM for better accountability and control

3. Implement Service Levels for each Service: having the right SLA in place for every service not only improves HR’s effectiveness but also helps the managers and employees with transparency

4. Enhance Employee Experience: by implementing a multi channel helpdesk, set up self-service for all HR processes and introduce company level social networking

5. Optimal costing structure: Eliminate all you hidden and fixed costs from different teams and vendors. Convert to a completely variable pricing structure Convert to a completely variable pricing structure completely variable pricing structure

Prudence Payroll Management

Payroll is a highly efficient, graphical, rules-based payroll management system that is designed to keep pace with the changing needs of your enterprise and workforce in order to reduce costs, administrative overhead and processing errors. Prudence Payroll is a key component of the Prudence any HCM suite of applications that are engineered to work together. Prudence Payroll operates globally with consistency in each supported country, using a highly scalable processing engine designed to take full advantage of the any HCM Suit for parallel processing, resulting in optimal performance

Standout Features of Prudence Payroll Management Services:

  • Compensation Setup
  • Increments
  • CTC Reimbursement
  • Leave Management
  • Full & Final Settlements
  • New joining / Left Employees
  • Standards Payroll Reports
  • Statutory Reports
  • Income Tax Computation
  • Form-16 Generation
  • Email Payslip / Other Reports etc
  • Bank Transfer Sheets, Salary Statements
  • Data Export according to WEBTEL/NSDL format for TDS quarterly returns