Retail is the sunrise sector of the growing urban, consumerism based new uprising India. “Customer is the King” has never been more true than today, as multi brands, chain stores and even the innovative single outlets in plush colonies are vying for a spot in the recall list for their everyday needs, family/ couple hangouts and even business congregations. Digital marketing is decreasing the go-to-market timelines, whereby knowing the numbers and buying patterns of the target segment is a key to effective reach. Knowing what makes a customer loyal towards your brand is like the elixir for growth and sustainability. There is more focus on

  • Offering personalized experiences
  • Increasing reach through mobile wallets
  • Relationship marketing
  • Turning latent needs to actual purchase
  • Reinventing loyalty programs
  • Soliciting customer reviews/ ratings
  • Faster resolution of enquiries/ discrepancies

Omni-Channel Management: A single commerce run-time engine gives full visibility and management control across your channels: brick and mortar stores, eCommerce sites, mobile, social commerce, and more.

Centralized eCommerce Management: All aspects of storefront management—hierarchies, categories, refiners, payments, shopping cart, order fulfillment, shipping, and more—managed by Microsoft Dynamics at retail headquarters, fully integrated out of the box.

Dimension Analysis

The retail sector is always changing its outlook as per customer demands. Hence it needs to capture performance across various business measures. These various measures are reflected by capturing in finance dimensions and reporting by BI.

Material Planning

Supply of RM is most critical in the retail segment since customer orders not getting fulfilled is losing business opportunities. With ERP planning tools you can forecast the demands and than track the demand fulfillments. TAT can be calculated using BI solutions.

Complaint Redressal

Since customers cannot always be satisfied; CRM offering from PTPL helps in putting checks and balances in place so that issues are followed up and never repeated.

Combo Offers

Fascinate your customers by offers and value for money combinations by defining promotion in the pricing of ERP; hence driving the success mantra for Retail.

Inventory Optimization

ERP helps you to identify the fast moving and slow moving goods & accordingly identify the best stocking methods.

Trend Analysis

In order to devise better & effective marketing strategies; Retail needs to find and analyze the trends across product categories & geographies, BI solutions from Prudence helps in effective analysis.

Prudence Offering

Since word of mouth plays such a big role in footfalls, retailers cannot afford to give a single chance of negative reviews thus necessitating technology implementations which facilitates localization, implements lean methods in entire value chain, increase wallet share through social media/ e-commerce/ mobile shopping and above all, factor in the consumer feedback to deliver an ever changing experience. They also need to manage the backend bone of supply chain and logistics for availability of the right goods at the right place at the right time (eye-catching factor). The Prudence team has helped several retailers in accomplishing these mantras in their business; thus leveraging upon their existing setup to work for delivering these requisite solutions.

The solution consists of :

  • Recipe Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Loyalty Management / Promotions etc.
  • Core Financials
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Product Management
  • Market Campaigns
  • New Product Discovery
  • Customer Support
  • NAVCube
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