Software Solution For Project Managers: Dynamics 365 Business Central

Software Solution For Project Managers: Dynamics 365 Business Central

Project managers need to have to successfully track and manages every aspect of a project. Whether the project in question is large or small, project managers need to maintain an overview of all the tasks related to the project while also keeping up with each individual detail.

Fortunately, there’s a software solution that makes all of this easier than ever before: Dynamics 365 Business Central. With Business Central, project managers can monitor project costs, manage tasks and planning lines, create and post-sales invoices, and send invoices to customers.

Reviewing Project Costs with Business Central

One of the best things about Business Central is its role-tailored dashboard. When you log in as a project manager, you immediately have an overview of the most important figures, including Job Actual Price as compared to Budget Price, Actual Cost vs. Budget Cost, Job Profitability, and more. By hovering over a specific job, you can review these specific numbers before drilling down for more details.

Managing Tasks and Planning Lines

All it takes is a couple of clicks to access more details related to a specific job. By selecting a particular job from one of the customized graphs on your dashboard, you can review the tasks and planning lines associated with it.

Post and Send Sales Invoices

As a job progresses over time, corresponding transactions will be posted to the Job Planning Lines screen — and you’ll need to ensure that these are properly recorded. Business Central makes this easy: you can create a sales invoice, check the invoice that’s posted, and send it to the appropriate customer in a matter of seconds.

Think To Make the Switch to Dynamics 365 Business Central

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