Demand of modern times for resource centric organization is directly proportional to Talent Revolution. Attractive qualities such as praise, feedback, transparency, appreciations and self development will have a profound impact on organizational talent retention.

To unleash the potential and keep talent motivated companies must prioritize the employee journey, from an initial candidate screen to career performance to succession. Talent acquisition and retention has always been an important part of execution of business strategies. For them keeping people first will be critical transformation of the organization from traditional business practice to cultivating a strong hiring brand and eventually create a workplace culture.

Talent Acquisition: Oracle Talent Management helps organization HR to be faster, more efficient and more productive. Powerful capabilities include recruitment marketing, employee referrals, social networking, interview collaboration tools, and automated on-boarding. With Oracle Taleo companies can source the Right Talent which is powerful and contains multi-channel sourcing which lets you easily find and attract the right candidates with the right skills, knowledge and experience.

Unique, hands-on configuration capabilities allow HR managers to easily customize data definitions, reporting and recruiter workflows, resulting in superior strategic capabilities. Quickly identify, engage, and hire the best candidates based on position requirements. Discover and recruit top talent early and stay ahead of the competition.

And meanwhile I writing this blog I have discovered Talent management has moved to the top of the CEO’s agenda in current decade. As per the studies, 53 percent of world business leaders said that insufficient talent within their organization could harm them financially over the next couple of years.

Oracle Taleo helps HR win war for Talent acquisition and retention. Taking holistic approach to the talent management with OTBE you can:

Start focusing on Employee Experience Management with

  • Creating a flexible and user friendly system for all employees accessible globally
  • Creating influential on-boarding with automated paperwork and compliance
  • Meaningful and interactive Performance Review Process
  • Align organizational Goal with Talent KRA.
  • Manage growth with training and development programs
  • Use predictive analytics for succession planning.

With Oracle Talent Management Cloud, HR managers have strategic insight and effective workforce planning to help their organization build the best talent and stay ahead of times.

About Author: Shiv Gaurav is Partner Consulting at Prudence Technology having rich decade plus consulting experience with various enterprise verticals along with strong international/domestic customer experience. Shiv is an alumnus from reputed institutions namely La-Martiniere, MJPRU & IIM with consulting exposure into enterprise applications like Oracle, Microsoft & SAP.