Top Five Reasons to Implement Standard ERP in Poultry Industry

Poultry or Livestock industry is growing due to increase in the urban per capital and falling prices of the broiler & egg. Now to compete in the growing market to sustain or increase the market share, organization needs to innovate. One of the important aspect in this innovation is adoption of the IT systems in business process. Following top 5 reasons can explain, why you need IT systems to automate your business processes:
1. Information Captured at farm level: An integrated software helps in accumulating the information from the farms & other business functions at a centralised location. Which further help in analysing the key parameters in a real time contributing to proactive measures for key indicators such as mortality ratios, FCR or feed planning.
2. Integration with finance: Traceability of all the expense items and profitability at a farm/hatchery/feed plant level helps in calculation of P&L at same level. A click of button can drill down to profitability at farm/feed plant/hatchery as ERP helps in capturing all the information.
3. Collaboration with Mobility: Mobile solution helps in better collaboration through flow of information across organization with single source of truth. ERP like Microsoft Dynamics Navision supported by solution like NAVFARM, provide mobility to the sales person/farm supervisors/CXO etc.
4. Effective utilization of resources: 80:20 rule applicable in saving the 20% increase in availability of effective time of resources by ERP initiative, contributes to the 80% increase in the Key deliverable due to investment of the time in proactive measures rather post fact analysis.
5. Tap the untapped potential: ERP for poultry give better control on the dynamics of the market enabling management by better understanding of the market trends. Which further helps organization to enter in the new markets with intelligent data.
A story can be written on the heaps of under hidden benefits which can be achieved by Poultry industry by using standard ERP. In next series we will discuss difference between standard and custom ERP. Keep following us for next edition.

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