Upgrade to Dynamics 365
Business Central

Upgrade to Dynamics 365
Business Central
Step into the future of ERP with seamless upgrades to Microsoft 365
Business Central, the top choice for fast-growing companies.
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    Explore Benefits of Upgrading to Microsoft 365 Business Central

    Explore Benefits of Upgrading to Microsoft 365 Business Central

    Move to Cloud Server

    Deployment in the cloud, instead of on-premises, thus lowering the cost of ownership and eliminating server costs.

    Universal User Experience

    Consistent user experience across all devices, ensuring seamless navigation regardless of the preferred device for Business Central users.

    Digital Transformation

    Leveraging modernization drives digital transformation, optimizing operations and enhancing agility to meet evolving business needs.

    Artificial Intelligence

    Business Central uses AI for insights and recommendations, including features like cash flow forecast and late payment prediction.

    Microsoft-backed Security

    Built-in features like data loss prevention, two-factor authentication, advanced threat protection, and easy management via a user-friendly interface.

    Strengthening the Cloud Platform

    Enhancing overall infrastructure, security, and scalability to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and support for growing digital demands.

    Why should we Migrate?

    Why should we Migrate?
    To maintain software version as per the industry standards and use latest technology
    Microsoft's defined support timelines for older versions.
    Shifting business dynamics impact process optimization (e.g., B2B, internet penetration, statutory compliance like GST, XBRL, IFRS).
    Continuous technology evolution leads to resource scarcity for older software/hardware.
    Gap between usability and sustainability of older versions due to evolution of software like .NET, MS Office.

    Upgrade Methodology

    Upgrade Methodology

    The Upgrade Methodology of Business Central involves careful planning, assessing current processes, and selecting the most suitable upgrade path. Thorough testing ensures compatibility with existing integrations, while clear communication with stakeholders manages expectations. Post-upgrade support and training facilitate a smooth transition, with continuous monitoring to refine the system in alignment with evolving business needs and technology.


    Those organizations who are using old version of the application before 2021.

    Please refer to the below points:

    • To maintain software version as per the industry standards and use latest technology
    • Microsoft support policy has defined timelines for life of older versions
    • Change in business dynamics and challenges faced in optimizing processes. Ex: B2B, Internet penetration, statutory compliances like GST, XBRL, IFRS etc.….
    • Continuous evolution of technology creates scarcity of  resources supporting older versions of software & hardware
    • Evolution of other software like .NET, MS office creates gap between usability and sustainability of older versions.
    • Redundant transactional data gets accumulated over a period is only required for records and analysis. But importantly makes system slow and consume resources which can be better utilized.

    Maintaining hardware is old school. Take advantage of SaaS program and start your cloud journey. Upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central for a seamless transition, eliminating license management concerns and ransomware worries.

    However those who wish to continue on-premise with latest version can also avail the functionality however this shall be either hosted on client server or cloud hosting partners like Azure or AWS..

    Microsoft has come with a migration methodology for its customers wherein you can migrate with or without data.

    You can maintain the old data for the record purposes however it is recommended that organization should move on with OB, Open Transactions, and Masters to take advantages of new system.

    It’s a new platform, features enriched and built for modern businesses. We shall help you in identifying your existing processes can be mapped into new solution as a standard fitment.

    The following features will revolutionise the way you do business::

    • Increased accessibility
    • Business friendly features
    • Extensibility
      • Integration with Microsoft Office 365
      • Power BI
      • Teams Planner, Email Solutions
      • The possibilities are endless.

    Organization shall benefit from migration in multiple ways:

    • Consolidating the learning from implemented version.
    • Consolidated data with drill down facility.
    • Option of selective migration based on wish list of users.
    • No need to maintain different versions of applications.
    • Management dashboards with multiple company and multi year transactional data.


    • Business As usual with no change in process.
    • Non utilization of new features.
    • Existing customization gets migrated.


    • Even redundant customizations will be migrated.
    • Whole data would be available in new system.
    • Redundant transactions will contribute in resources utilization
    • Longer process since testing is time consuming
    • No defined methodology for customization migration
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