What Is Distribution Management ?

Distribution management refers to the process of overseeing the movement of the goods from the supplier or manufacturer to point of sale. It is an overarching term that refers to the numerous activities and processes such as packaging, inventory, warehousing, supply chain, and logistics.

Distribution management is the most important part of the business cycle for distributors and wholesalers. The profit margins of the businesses depend on how quickly they can turn over their goods. The more they sell, the more they earn, which means a better future for the businesses. Having a successful distribution management system is also very important for businesses to remain competitive and to keep the customers satisfied.

Distribution management solution helps companies to manages their supply chain and logistics activities, including warehouse management, inventory management, and order management (sales and purchase orders), and integrate these activities with the company’s financials and sales. Wholesale distribution software solutions can help companies to improve their customer satisfaction, reduce order times, and control costs across the entire supply and distribution chain.


NAVOne Distribution Edition includes Sales Order Management, Advanced Inventory, Requisition Management, Purchase Order Management, Warehouse Management System, and Advanced Financials. It is fully integrated with Any standard ERP and  CRM, Manufacturing, Field Service, and Project Accounting for visibility across the entire organization.

Benefits of Distribution Management System Solutions  for Your Business

  • Improve customer satisfaction while minimizing cost – Efficiently manage the distribution processes with real-time visibility of the available inventory, inventory in transit, reorder quantities, and inventory costs. Minimize the inventory process and the costs; optimize quoting, acceptance, entry, and fulfillment processes.
  • Reduce order times – Eliminate delays through the automated sales order processing and shipping order generation. Set rules to manage the multiple warehouses, returns, credit limits, drop shipments, and more.
  • Know Where Your Business Is – Ensure a steady supply of materials by optimizing and automating your purchasing processes.
  • Know your true costs – Determine real-time profitability by the warehouse, product line, location, or business unit. Use real-time information to control the costs across the entire supply and distribution chain.