What Is Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 And The New Feature

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 (MSD NAV 2016) is a business management solution tailored for small and medium-sized organizations. Its multi-faceted functionality benefits different departments in an organization that including finance, manufacturing, sales, project management, shipping, and services, among others.

The Role Center Is the main point of the entry into Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016. Depending on how you can customize it, a Role Center that can contain lists of the customers and the vendors, notifications for new messages and updates, charts, and graphs.

On the other hand, the Departments menu can give users access to the areas not typically accessible through the Role Center or from your personalized user interface. This menu contains links that lead to reports, task pages, and the business functionality that can help the user easily navigate the system and streamline the tasks. Examples of how a user might use the Departments menu include managing the quotes and the orders through the Purchasing department or processing transactions under the Finance department.

Users can also take the advantage of the Workflow feature in NAV 2016. Workflows can connect the processes and the tasks performed by different users. Although the workflows are often customized, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 presents workflow templates available within the system.

New Feature Of Microsoft Dynamics 2016 Are:

  • One of the impressive new features is a configurable workflow engine. While there was a rudimentary workflow before in areas such as purchasing and sales document approval, the new workflow goes much further into the application suite, offering many new possibilities for the automating business processes.
  • Microsoft continues to improve the integration to the web by taking the tablet client, enhancing it, and making it available for web browsers and phone clients. Now users will have a consistent experience across the tablets, phones, and web browsers. This move has also greatly enhanced the abilities to configure the web browser client.
  • Taking the advantage of the three-tier structure with web services, Dynamics NAV 2016 can also be configured to automatically retrieve foreign exchange rates into the system, which is welcome news for anyone involved in the international business.
  • A Dynamics NAV content pack allows the Power BI to provide more powerful business intelligence (BI) and the dashboard capabilities into Dynamics NAV, without the requirement for an expensive partner add-on product.
  • A useful new feature for speeding up the productivity for your staff includes submitting the expenses via smartphones by taking the photographs of expense slips and submitting them through an OCR engine.
  • Add-on products or enhancements can now be added through the code extensions, which allow the modifications to customer databases in a multi-tenant environment, where the customizations would normally not be possible. These extensions can survive the upgradation, which offers the potential to greatly simplify the upgrade process in some situations.
  • Microsoft continues to push forward the concept of the multi-tenant environments, where the customers share code but not databases. They believe this is the route to greatly expanding the user base and extensions allow the resellers to play to the traditional strength of Dynamics NAV, which is the ability to configure the software to fit the unique business requirements.
  • Finance users will now have the access to posting previews, which display the typical Navigation summary page, without a printed document, that users are used to seeing.
  • One of the most important improvements is the native integration to Dynamics CRM where the customers can configure the integration to Dynamics CRM directly from the Dynamics NAV toolkit. This offers many possibilities for improving the integration between these two products, something that previously was somewhat limited or relied on an integration tool such as Scribe.

As you all can see that there are many new features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 that make it a very great product to upgrade to but also to consider if you are currently researching a new ERP system implementation. All in all, we think that Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 is an exciting release with promises of much more in the next version, code-named “Madeira”.