Why Migration to Microsoft Dynamics D365 Business Central is essential

The world is moving to a cloud platform. Some view this as a strategic move while few look like a money-making exercise. In this article, you would know exactly why this migration is important for your organization.
Let me start with a couple of examples to make you understand the importance of the cloud. Electricity and Car.

    • Electricity: If we need electricity we apply for a connection and get charged basis usage. We do not intend to own the powerhouse or operate the same since its a significant cost and then simultaneously maintaining is a taxing task. Need resource, expertise and wait period are usually large. Also, we do not need to bother the latest technology upgrade as the OEM take care of the same by default. You enjoy the latest technology seamlessly and no hazzle of maintaining the same.
    • Car: When we buy a car, we do not set up a service station and prefer to go to an expert who is better equipped. Not only we end up paying less than owning a station, but we also get the best possible services.

    Similarly, Microsoft has a clear vision for its users with its cloud. The policy is amalgamation and integration of all application with the use of a single platform. Hence as a user, I can easily use other applications like Office 365, Development tools, AI, Bots, Database, Azure, etc integrated with ERP & CRM to give a seamless experience. And the best part is you are charged on a usage basis. Apart from this, new SOA services enable integration in the best possible and secure manner. Speaking of Azure, the gate has now been open for integration with other technologies. Oracle is being the prime example.So, I am sure by now I would have been able to create a clear demarcation between D365 Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Hence it is important for a business to continue upgrading with the latest technology to keep the pace and automate the business.

    Modern application from Microsoft i.e. Dynamics 365 Business Central create guided path for users. The completely refreshed interface helps them become productive. With this, we experience not only we achieve streamline navigation but in parallel allow them to stay focused and ensure timely completion of the task at hand. Noticeably, all menu option items visible earlier are now been reduced with an objective of creating a similar look across all the apps to improve user experience. Earlier we experienced ‘insights panel’ on transaction layer which has not available across allowing users to analyze stats or information useful for business operations.

The Dynamic 365 Business Central Universal app is ables to connected to cloud, on-premises, and hybrid deployments of Business Central. And Users can easily connect to business central via:

  • Windows 10 (desktop, tablet, and phone)
  • Android (tablet and phone)
  • iOS (tablet and phone)