Why You Should Pick a Certified ERP Support Partner for Business Continuity

Choosing a certified ERP Support Partner is a very important step for the smooth running of a successful ERP. ERP can be as damaging as it is beneficial to the company if you take the wrong steps. Typically, a partner will guide you through the entire process of ERP, from the setup to the maintenance of the ERP. Prediction of future cannot be done but as long as you understand how the support partner can affect your Certified ERP Support Partners, you will be able to make an informed decision of choosing a partner. Here are the ways how your partner will make or break your Certified ERP Support Company.

Selecting the software

One of the challenges that you may face is selecting new software for feature of your business, but choosing something as big as a solution that will be one of the primary tools being used by the organization to carry out different things can very move for you. This is an important decision for your company’s future and what can make the difference is choosing the best Partner. There are a few things that are important for you partner to have so that you can put your confidence in his recommendations, which are:

1.Ensure that they support different solutions and are giving you the best solution that is right for you whether it is the one that they support or not.

2.  Estimated return on investment should justify the total cost of owning the Certified ERP Support Partners.

3.  The partner should have related experience in employing as well as supporting the solution that is recommended by them. They should also have one on one experience with customers in the industry. Having an insight of the industry is important to know he potential speed bumps that may arise along the path of implementation and also to know the different ways that specific solution will be beneficial for your business, which even you may not know.

To give you the necessary insight and a correct ROI, the partner that you have selected needs time for discovering keenly. After conducting a deep assessment, they should give you a document known as Solution Mapping Document that is specific for your business and outlines how the given solution by them is a great fit within your business. A 3-hour demo that demonstrates how a solution will be able to manage the entire business activities is not easy so it is essential to understand what is beneath the surface that consists of a history and future of the solution. If you work with a right Partner, you will reduce the risks that are linked to software selection, and in turn ensure a successful deployment.


Collaborative implementation

The questions Who, When, What, Why, Where are the questions that should be answered during the software selection phase and during the next phase, that is implementation, these answers are acted on. The key is to choose a partner who is active in choosing to collaborate with you as compared to making the decisions by themselves. The important business processes that should be looked into are already present and the new selection of software may provide you with the option that can improve these. A partner who recommends right practices is essential and taking these decisions with you, in a collaborative manner, is important for your businesses’ success.

What and Who – make your team available for planning and setting up activities for building confidence in the recommended solution and getting a buy-in from the team and establishing a positive relation with your Partner.

When – Established a timeline that should have detailed activities and events so that you can work according to it, and complete the project within time.

Why – You need a responsible partner, in order for him to do what he says, he does. For a successful implementation, it is essential to select a Partner with a team of highly qualified people that are easy to work with.

Ongoing support

A proven track record and a team that is young and does not has members who are planning their retirements is essential to ensure that your partner will be there for you, in the longer run. The support that you are provided with on Day 1 is similar to what you will need in Year 5. The aspects outside the main solution will also require support so selecting a partner who has expertise in related solutions that may not be applicable to your business today but will be there when you expand your business, is crucial. A responsive and reliable partner is needed in order for him to be able to have the necessary resources so that he can respond immediately when there is an electronic funds transfer payment and at the same time send someone where you are located, if the serves crashes. You should trust your Partner that you are selecting and have confidence that he is your team so that you can comfortably work with him in the longer run. He should be someone who wants you to be their customer for the rest of your life. Changing partners is more difficult as compared to changing software. The right Partner should be capable enough to have your trust and should have the motivation to keep your trust.

Training and managing change

The excitement of your executive team and you about moving to another robust solution might be there but your Accounts Payable Clerk and Operations Manager may not be as excited as you. A right Partner is capable of doing adjustments that are necessary to make sure that entire staff members get enough training as well as one-on-one assistance so that they can help every person overcome the fear of change. You should look for a Partner who is able to keep the things simple. This helps the staff put their confidence in the Partner and the solution, both. After going live with your new solution, then it is essential to see that there is minimum disruption related to your overall business. Also ensure that every person is comfortable using the solution on the first day.

Future vision

When you choose the right Partner, the partner will make collaborative efforts and empower you. Moreover, he will have the ability to create a powerful impact on the business and he listens to you from the start. Your Partner should enable you to achieve the goals and dreams that you have for your business. In order to make you a leader in the industry, the relationship between you and your partner should be the one based on strategic planning.

What to look for when selecting a Certified ERP Support Partners service provider

To bring the software to life, you need to get a right ERP implementation partner. The points given below will help you select a Certified ERP Support Company while you would be looking for the right partner.

1.Start off by selecting the software that addresses specific needs related to your company or industry. For a good start, make sure that your provider is capable of supporting the capabilities specific for your industry and serves as a platform for strong development in order to increase the capabilities with the unique needs of your company. It is a good idea to see the Certified ERP Support Company ecosystem, to look at the caliber and number of both the solution providers and third-party ISV’s.

2. Answer a few questions and outline the criteria of selection with stakeholders of the system that are, Are customer development capabilities needed? The kind of support turnarounds times that are needed by me? The importance of geographical proximity?? Are there any other capabilities that I may need and if the service provider has them (staff augmentation etc.)? Then decide if all these criterions are a must have or good to have.

3. Make a list of the service partners that have experience with the technology that you have selected. After that, see how each of the service provider measures against the criteria made by you with the help of a discovery process. Start with evaluation of maximum three service providers.

4. Make sure that the service provider is capable enough to support different systems that you may have running within the business, as you are likely to have CRM and a Business Intelligence tools that will surely need data integration. Another useful thing is to make sure that the provider has an excellent track record with other solutions of ISV that might be needed, either in the present or in the future.

5. Make sure that you check references, and then evaluate them critically. Keep the similarities and the differences in mind, between the references and your situation.

6. Apart from all of this, the most important is the certainty that your team and you together can make effective and open communication channels with the service provider. This relationship will most probably run for a longer time, so it is important to have effective communication because it plays a major role in making a successful project.