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Why Prudence Consulting for your ERP Project

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We’re Microsoft Cloud Service Provider.

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Why Prudence Consulting for your Organisation

An Expert Team is as Important as ERP Software​

The ERP Implementation process is a complex process with unavoidable but manageable difficulties, hence, lack of awareness, skills, and technical knowledge can lead to disastrous consequences. Choosing the right ERP software is indispensable but its implementation process with the right ERP partner determines its success.

10+ Year's of experience
200+ Implementation
5 Industry Custom Solutions

How we can help you

Product Selection

Software selections require the alignment of people, processes and technology to ensure that your organization is selecting the digital solutions that integrate into your culture and support your strategic vision.


According to studies without proper planning, about 70% of implementations ended up as failures. How can you avoid that? By choosing a right ERP implementation partner.


Prudence Consulting leverages a portfolio of over 150 successful implementation projects to build the best possible optimization and in-depth evaluation of your post-go-live or a health check up after an update.