Software selections require the alignment of people, processes and technology to ensure that your organization is selecting the digital solutions that integrate into your culture and support your strategic vision. Even if you select one of the top ERP systems, you won’t transform your organization unless you enable change by focusing on your people and processes. 

With several products available in the market, Prudence ERP Consultants help you identify the best suited product by following a customized process incorporating all business needs. An ERP is a major investment, the next system you choose will be when your business needs change. Prudence begins product selection with evaluating your business needs, goals and objectives by holding in-depth discussions with key stakeholders, top to bottom tier of current employees and former employees to create a knowledgeable list of business requirements. The entire selection process requires sufficient time for research and analysis ranging between 14 to 24 weeks,depending on the size of your organization.  Once the right product is selected, it can last you for another decade which is a quite a valuable investment in terms of budget and time. 

On the basis of fitment of technology, internal know-how of technology, possibility of integration with an already existing platform, and Return on Investment, it helps determine which solution is right for you.

  1. While evaluating all business processes that might require automation, Prudence matches these requirements with an ERP Solution only after a deep analysis of system functionalities, supporting user needs, and determining required improvements of any/all internal processes. We, at Prudence, also examine the technical know-how of the end-users to determine the products’ user friendliness by asking vital questions like – How tech-savvy are the end-users, can they navigate complex software features or not? Have they used an ERP system before? On the basis of this essential assessment, Prudence can move forward with the ERP software selection process with much efficiency.
  1. With extensive experience in Retail, E-commerce, Agriculture, Telecom – ISB, Livestock Management, and more, Prudence brings in decades of experience and learnings that help maximize effectiveness in driving processes. As ERP processes can go on for months, it is important to choose a team of certified professionals seasoned in working with new systems suitable to your sector. Prudence is with you throughout each step of selection, implementation, roll out, go-live and beyond, providing you with ongoing exceptional support. With a defined methodology and history of working in various domains, understanding your business needs, identifying key roles, timescales and deliverables come to Prudence with ease.
  1. A typical implementation journey is six to 12 months but can differ from 3 to 6 months or 12 to 18 months, according to the size of the organization and business needs. Proper valuation of infrastructure, predictive maintenance and support is undertaken in order to determine budget and resource allocation.
  1. Different company sizes require different ERP systems depending upon the ERP systems flexibility. For example, small organizations can simply pick and choose the modules from the systems large enterprises implement.
  1. Enterprises operating internationally or globally face a multitude of compliances that are country-specific financial and tax requirements, as well as multi-language aspects of doing business. Replacement of old systems becomes necessary when an older version of an ERP system doesn’t support this “multi-nationality” requirement.

Scalability is a crucial quality in ERP software given the future growth possibilities in case of an increase or change in amount of processes, number of users, future upgradation of  hardware and software according to changing trends and processes.

Prudence evaluates the budget of the client, the cost of the ERP platform and estimates whether the projected return on investment (ROI) will be significantly more than the Total Cost of Ownership. Our ERP Consultants elaborate and explain the entire selection process, and help you choose a lasting ERP software.

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