ERP For Steel Manufacturers

ERP for Steel Manufacturing Company

In today’s rapidly evolving world, staying ahead in the competitive landscape is no longer a choice: It’s a must. That’s where Prudence Consulting ERP come in, offering a complete set of tools to transform your steel manufacturing processes. From managing your supply chain to ensuring top-notch quality control and streamlined financial reporting, ERP for Steel manufacturing company seamlessly integrating every aspect of your business, D365BC empowers you to make smart decisions based on data, allocate resources effectively, minimize downtime, and fuel your business’s growth.


The Primary Activities includes:

  • Steel Raw Material traceability
  • Rolling Mill Planning
  • Customer order specific production plan
  • Grade wise Inventory tracking
  • Furnished Production Yield
  • Job Work Inventory Tracking
  • Customer wise FG technical specifications
  • Resource management
  • Multi-level QC on production / Stage wise QC
  • Real-time insights
  • Compliance with industry regulations.

Yes, D365BC helps streamline production processes by enabling

  • resource allocation
  • capacity planning
  • production scheduling

It allows you to define order-specific customer technical specifications and plan production accordingly.

Absolutely, D365BC allows you to create and manage job orders for specific manufacturing tasks or projects. It helps in calculating:

  • material requirements,
  • monitors subcontractor expenses, and
  • tracks costs against budgets for improved profitability.

Yes, D365BC supports better quality control by managing product specifications, conducting inspections, and addressing non-conformance issues in the steel manufacturing process.

Yes, Prudence Consulting provides expertise in the implementing ERP for steel manufacturing company, ensuring a seamless and Effective Procedure.

D365BC comes with built-in business intelligence tools and reporting capabilities, enabling data-driven decision-making and real-time insights into business performance.

Integration can be done with any third-party systems with the help of APIs creating a seamless end-to-end solution for steel manufacturers.

Yes, D365BC can be directly integrated with E-Invoicing and E-way Bill portals, facilitating smoother financial transactions and compliance with tax regulations.

“The results were clear, professional, and persuasive, and the investors and advisors who have seen the materials loved them. They know what investors want!”

Damian Smulders
CTO, DeepOcean Entertainment

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