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Businesses opt for, or are forced into ERP upgrades either because they are using an outdated technical environment, or face a withdrawal of support services for older versions, loss of expertise over time or they need to meet regulatory standards or require heavy data transfer. Regardless of why the upgradation need has risen, the benefits of this opportunity cannot be overlooked. An upgrade to a new ERP version is very important for an ERP software lifecycle and allows an organization to continuously improve their business processes.

Prudence Consulting as an upgradation partner helps implement new functionality and provides knowledge of this improved software. They help improve the capability of the organisation as a whole to extract the best out of the system as significant resources are spent on an upgrade. Upgrades are a great opportunity to address erosion of knowledge of technology in the organisation. 

How Prudence Consulting can be the excellent ERP upgrade partner for your organization.

An analysis of the needs and scope of upgrades is undertaken that defines existing software integrations, with the desired functionality and access rights. A detailed check list is prepared with a comprehensive pre-implementation plan and clearly designated roles and responsibilities for each professional involved.

Identification of areas that require improvement in business processes is a vital step before an ERP upgrade. Deliberation on current workflows, metrics, technical know-how of end-users, and current end-user interface journey is undertaken to understand delays or information gaps to be able to choose the right kind of upgrade for your business requirements. 

Precaution is better than cure. Migrating all your data into the new solution can be wasteful if the current ERP data is not pristine. In order to avoid inaccuracy and outdated data being transferred to the new ERP upgraded system, the current data is archived. This step helps your project to stay uncomplicated and avoids obstacles in your softwares reporting and analytics ability. It is important to only migrate clean and up-to-date data into your new system for increased efficiency and high performance.

You can either upgrade your current ERP by modifying the existing system, adding to the existing system or by completely replacing the existing system. Depending on the analysis of various assessments undertaken by the steps mentioned above, our ERP consultants will perform the required digital transformation.

Where multiple stakeholders are involved, there is a need for clear and regular communication to avoid obstacles and failures. For instance, multi-site ERP upgrades involve several stakeholders like the technical consultants, business consultants, project managers, internal project teams and technology providers, here the need arises to keep clients informed about the upgradation plans, new features, ways of reporting to avoid failures to occur.

Business should not stop. At any point of the IT Journey – whether you’re implementing, upgrading, changing an ERP system, data extracting or data loading to the new system, our Prudence ERP Consultants ensure that your business activities continue without any hiccup.

Structured Process
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