ERP for Dairy Farms – Breeding | Milking

ERP for Livestock Breeding Farms

Navfarm serves as an advanced ERP software, empowered by AI, specifically crafted for efficient dairy farm management. This all-inclusive platform offers dairy farm owners a centralized solution to oversee diverse operations, including Breeding, Insemination, Milking, and automated animal health monitoring. By functioning as an ERP for dairy farms, Navfarm streamlines and optimizes processes, facilitating seamless management and informed decision-making. This integrated approach positions Navfarm as a pivotal tool for enhancing productivity and sustainability in modern dairy farming.


With Navfarm’s ERP for dairy milk product manufacturing, you can have enough time to spend on core activities. Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Dairy Livestock (Cow and Sheep), navfarm is a modern Artificial Intelligence based cloud application for managing livestock farm operations.

Navfarm’s ERP for dairy milk product manufacturing, helps you automate your dairy farms:

  • Feed Schedule
  • Vaccination Schedule
  • Health Monitoring (Diseases like TB, diarrhoea etc)
  • Reverse Traceability (Fork to Farm)
  • Key Performance Indicators like Fertility, Body Weight, Growth etc
  • Production Efficiency Factor.
  • Animal Registration.
  • Inventory efficiently
  • Tracking raw materials
  • Complex supply chain with suppliers
  • Cash flow management
  • Data Management and Reporting

Navfarm helps you digitalize your Dairy Livestock (Cow and Sheep) farm by providing tracking features to grow business by scheduling activities in such a manner that there is minimum inputs and maximum outputs.

  • Yield/Livestock
  • Cost of Produce/Litre
  • Capturing movement & BMI via Integration with Smart Tags and Sensors
  • Dates Monitoring for Insemination, Heat Program, Pregnancy etc.
  • Integration with Milking Parlour.
  • Growth of Livestock
  • Animal Health Score Card

Managing a Dairy Livestock (Cow and Sheep) farm using traditional methods could be hectic. But, with the right dairy cow farm software, you can achieve your targets and enhance productivity at your farm. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Dairy Livestock (Cow and Sheep), digitalize your farm by turning into Smart Farm with following analysis:

  • Improvement of health > 20%
  • 0% pilferage due to 100% intact processes.
  • AI based Monitoring enables 100% Real Time Decisions Making
  • Pre-Defined Parameters/Task with 0% manual intervention
  • Offline Access for Data Entry 0% pilferage
  • User Defined Deviation Alerts reduce adversities by 30%
  • Improves Batchwise Profitability ~ 10%

“The results were clear, professional, and persuasive, and the investors and advisors who have seen the materials loved them. They know what investors want!”

Damian Smulders
CTO, DeepOcean Entertainment

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