ERP for Development Sector and NGO

In the development sector and NGO landscape, securing funding is crucial for their operations, and this funding mainly comes from corporations and individuals. To meet the requirements set by statutory guidelines, these organizations need to maintain separate accounting books and comply with FCRA regulations. It’s essential for them to report their expenses accurately to show donors how funds are utilized within specific projects. This transparent reporting demonstrates responsible financial management and builds trust.

To address these challenges, Prudence Consulting offers specialized ERP for Development and NGO sector, are designed specifically to cater the unique requirements of this industry. Our integrated ERP solutions simplify financial tracking, ensuring organizations adhere to statutory requirements and facilitating transparent reporting. With our ERP system, NGOs can effectively manage their day-to-day operations, optimize resource allocation, and demonstrate the impact of their projects.

By partnering with Prudence Consulting and utilizing our ERP for Development Sector and NGO, organizations can enhance their operational efficiency, promote accountability, and maximize the positive outcomes of their initiatives. Our user-friendly ERP system empowers NGOs to streamline their financial processes, meet compliance standards, and focus on driving sustainable change in the communities they serve.

Industry focused ERP for Development Sector and NGO ensures secure tracking and networking, facilitating seamless workflow management across departments like finance, administration, and volunteer coordination. At Prudence, we help nonprofits manage effectively with our tailored ERP solutions, keeping your focus on core goals. Our customized solutions streamline processes, enabling your team to handle tasks more efficiently.

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    Our Industry Custom Solutions

    5 Elements of Success

    A module-based, objective-driven ERP for Development sector and NGO. Our customized solutions focus on automating your diverse processes.


    Most important part of consortium. Epicenter of the solution helps monitoring on periodic basis against 4 elements ahead


    Single Donor Multi Grant or Multi Donor Single Grant can be managed with FCRA Rules


    Grant can be managed via type of grant considering upcoming and received grants.


    Mapping partners to projects can be easily done ensuring spent and remaining for timely delivery.


    Employee experience with timesheet, attendance, performance evaluation, expense management.


    • Framework with Real time integration
    • Input, Output and Resource Management
    • Online Traceability and Monitoring system
    • Bio-metric data integration of ultimate beneficiaries
    • Custom Report Generator system
    • Online Best practices and Assurance system
    • Quality management System
    • Risk assessment and Quick Alert system
    • Encrypted Password secured Information
    • Web enabled Real time based knowledge system
    • Management Information Summary

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      How ERP Software works for NGO & Development Sector?

      A module-based, objective-driven ERP designed for NGOs & Development sector. Our customized solutions focus on automating your diverse processes.

      Project and Program Management

      ERP Software's aids in planning and executing projects by tracking timelines, recourses and milestones.

      Donor Management

      ERP Systems assist in managing donor information, tracking contributions and maintaining communications histories.

      Financial Management

      The can track expenses, manage grants, and generate financial statements, ensuring transparency and accountability in fund utilisation


      • Streamlines fund distribution
      • Categorization of grants received from donors
      • Based on parameters like:
        • 35AC,
        • 80G, and
        • FCRA/NON-FCRA
      • Facilitates efficient reporting
      • Fund utilization to donors based on the type of donation.
      • Vast amounts of data related to donors.
      • Manual data Entry
      • Multiple sources of funding and grants
      • Complex projects with various stakeholders
      • Legal and regulatory requirements
      • Improved decision making
      • Up-to-date financial information
      • In Built control on the budget vs. actual
      • Project wise expenses
      • Detailed accountability of grant expenditures
      • Automate budget checking

      Dashboards in the ERP solution provide.

      • Easy-to-use monitoring tools for different roles and users
        • Including Management,
        • Accountants,
        • Program Managers, and
        • Field Office Staff.

      These dashboards are accessible over the web and mobile devices, facilitating real-time insights.

      The ERP solution automates budget checking to monitor fund availability, especially those with restrictions. It ensures that money is available and that the program or activity is permitted before placing orders.

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