ERP Software for Dairy Process Manufacturing

ERP Software for Dairy Process Manufacturing

Utilizing Navfarm’s dairy management ERP software, you can proficiently oversee your dairy product manufacturing operations. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central emerges as a contemporary, cloud-based ERP application tailored for the management of dairy manufacturing involving perishable goods.

As the demand for milk supplies grows and the importance of maintaining product standards increases, a robust ERP platform becomes essential. This platform serves as a sturdy foundation to handle your processes effectively and curtail losses. By integrating an ERP for dairy farm product manufacturing, you can ensure streamlined operations, adherence to standards, and efficient control over various aspects of your production process.


With Navfarm dairy management software, you can effectively manage your Diary product manufacturing. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is modern cloud-based application for managing perishable goods dairy manufacturing.

Throughout the production process, quality control checks are performed at critical points to monitor and verify product quality. These checks may include measuring parameters such as pH levels, temperature, fat content, texture, and taste.

  • Growing milk supplies demand
  • Maintaining standards of your product,
  • You need a strong platform
  • Keep pilferage in control.
  • Accurately determine costs
  • Improve inventory valuation
  • Keep track of product components.
  • Effectively account for input-based production.
  • Vendor Registration,
  • Maintaining Raw Milk Grade,
  • FIFO based Storage & Replenishment Plan
  • Cleaning Process
  • Route Plan (Distribution to Multiple Production Lines)
  • Finished Goods and By Product
  • FIFO based Dispatch Management

Prudence ERP for dairy farm product manufacturing which is Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform track the process from receiving of the raw milk from the own farms or even from the

  • contract farmers,
  • managing QC via inspection and
  • grading before going under pasteurization process.
  • Quality Control
  • Purchase Planning
  • FIFO based Inventory Evaluation
  • Capacity Planning
  • Separation into FAT & SNF
  • Barcoding
  • Warehouse Management
  • Schemes and discounts Management
  • Retailer wise Price List
  • Realise a 12% greater expected revenue opportunity and a 29% greater gross revenue opportunity by implementing solutions on the Microsoft Cloud.
  • Increase in 25% market capitalization by increased quality.
  • 12% Reduction in costs of goods produced.
  • 21% increase in production due to optimization via capacity planning.
  • Integration with Smart Tags
  • Integration with Milk Parlour
  • Integration with Temperature Sensors
  • Integration with Camera

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