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According to studies without proper planning, about 70% of implementations ended up as failures. How can you avoid that? By choosing a right ERP implementation partner. From planning through go-live and beyond, ERP implementation life cycle is the process of deploying enterprise resource planning software. The typical implementation journey is six to 12 months but can differ from 3 to 6 months or 12 to 18 months, according to the size of the organization and business needs. 

The implementation life-cycle involves project planning and funding, team organization, selection of ERP technology and installation and go-live and beyond.

The entire ERP implementation life cycle is difficult, long and tedious; and requires a partner like Prudence who has the relevant experience and expertise to shorten and simplify the life cycle wherever possible along with making the journey seamless. We, at Prudence, believe in maximizing your return on investment.

  • Project Planning – A concrete and efficient plan is devised with decided dates, budgets, team composition, responsibilities and task packages. 
  • Process Analysis – An in-depth analysis is undertaken where the team of professionals take into account all workflows, processes; interact with all top-to-bottom tier employees in common language.
  • Process Organization – The existing processes/workflows/data quality are then optimized according to the ERP system to match compatibility. 
  • Configuration- A test environment is installed on the server along with implementation of sub-sections. Preparation, customization and programming of data, forms and interfaces, are set up respectively. Users and roles are defined and set up as well.
  • Training – In order to minimize the life-cycle and enhance productivity, Prudence as an implementation partner helps reduce employee knowledge erosion by helping end-users understand functionalities of the ERP system. User-training and procedure development is one of the most important processes of the ERP implementation. As experts in the field with vast global experience in multiple domains, some implementation processes are undertaken parallely to make judicious use of the implementation timeline.
  • Testing – In order to verify basic records and transactional data; and whether the ERP software is producing expected results, pilot testing and validation process is expedited multiple times. 
  • Go Live – According to the business complexities, the go-live stage is either planned phase by phase or with the old system in operation with the new one for a decided period of time. Functional gaps or malfunctions are remedied and sent for final acceptance. Post go-live validation, operational verification and user training continues to experience all benefits of the product implemented.
  • We’ve 200+ Years of Experience – ERP processes are long and tedious, and costly, hence, it’s important for your company to partner with an organisation that has experts in the field. With 200 years of experience, Prudence has completed hundreds of projects globally. To top that, they are Microsoft & Oracle Cloud Partners with an unprecedented ability to develop, sell, and implement an integrated array of applications, databases, servers, storage and cloud technologies to empower modern business. 


  • Our Consultants are certified from Microsoft and Oracle – Prudence professionals have unparalleled competencies and skills in product selection, implementation and support. Through rigorous training and a variety of educational opportunities provided by Microsoft and Oracle, our professionals have been recognized and certified for their specialized services and expertise.


  • Vast Experience in Retail, E-Commerce, Agriculture, Telecom | ISP and Livestock Management – With extensive experience in Retail, E-commerce, Telecom – ISB, Livestock Management, and more, Prudence brings in decades of experience and learnings that help maximize effectiveness in driving processes. As ERP processes can go on for months, it is important to choose a team of certified professionals seasoned in working with new systems suitable to your sector. Prudence is with you throughout each step of the implementation, roll out, go-live and beyond,  providing you with ongoing exceptional support. With a defined methodology and history of working in various domains, understanding your business needs, identifying key roles, timescales and deliverables come to Prudence with ease.


  • We have custom solutions to support ERP – Our ERP experts have developed custom solutions to support ERP for every type of business. Our custom solutions provide flexibility and mobility to scale up system requirements and enable on-the-go access.


  • Our Expertise can reduce the implementation cycle – With culminated experience of 200 years of the company, certifications of expertise by Microsoft & Oracle and a great diversity of experience in multiple industries, the Prudence team of consultants judiciously use time and identify arenas that can be used to reduce the implementation cycle by working simultaneously on certain processes that can be worked with together. This helps in simplifying business processes as well.


  • Save times with templates -Having a base template that can be changed from time to time can be very useful. A global ERP template with configurations, fields, and data that is compatible throughout all your locations/regions is ideal but ensuring the presence of flexibility is a must as business processes and requirements may differ region to region.


  • Closing – As your partners, we are there to unburden you of your difficulties. We do not hand over any to-do lists instead work with you smartly to ensure that your core business processes are not interfered with. 

At Prudence, we help you find your ideal team and solution to meet your specific requirements. Get in touch with us to discuss how Prudence Consulting can help you maximize your business output with our ERP implementation methodologies.

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