Challenge of Managing Inventory for D2H Operators

The digitization era is finally here. People are getting used to the superiority of D2H technology as compared to the cable operators. The technology provides subscribers with direct signals to their TV through a receiver. This is awesome for the clients as the separate cable connections are done away with. However, it presents a set of challenges to the D2H operators especially in terms of inventory management. This, however, is not the end. The Oracle EBS provides a light at the end of the tunnel. The ERP system solves D2H operator problems for better business management.

Keeping track of inventory investments for the operators is burdening. The investment of the equipment needed is also capital intensive.  The enterprise suite therefore gives operators power to control their procurement troubles for cost effectiveness. Oracle EBS helps the D2H operators to manage supplier risks and enforce certain policies in order to land the best suppliers for their inventory. It does not get easier than that.The operators are able to keep delivering their services with great inventory management thanks to the oracle enterprise suite.

D2H operators have a challenging task to keep their customers satisfied. They have to ensure the customers embrace D2H technology. This can be a challenge especially if the data collected is inaccurate.For this reason, the operators have to possess an inventory software integrated with customer relationship management tools. With oracle EBS, the CRM solution is readily available to assist such companies make decisions.The CRM will offersales, marketing and service information aimed atimproving D2H operators’technology and customer relations.

Such superior technology will keep changing. Improvements will be made to make it even better. One essential factor to ensure the changes are for the better is to have accurate forecasts. Analyzing the state of the market and what the future holds manages D2H operators’ inventory.This is challenging but the Oracle EBS takes care of it by providing insights through reports based on real time information. These insights come in handy in planning and budgeting of the company’s inventory.

D2H operators face great risks trying to provide what they promise to clients. These risks could lead to their downfall particularly if they affect the inventory management efforts. ERP systems such as the one Oracle provide helps regulate and avoid the risks. It has tools for monitoring and evaluating the risk indicators to improve businesses.

All in all, D2H operators should be always prepared to cope with any challenge coming their way. They can start by being part of the evolutionary Oracle EBS which has given businesses the power to make their services exceptional. This ERP system will turn all the negatives affecting inventory management into positives for better D2H delivery.

Intelligent inventory management is crucial to the success of your company.  Effectively managing inventory balances, movement, and turnover impacts your bottom line, and a good inventory management strategy saves you time and money.  Oracle Inventory Management Cloud is a complete, modern materials management solution that can help you effectively manage the flow of goods across your business organizations.  Use this true cloud solution for clear, accurate, real-time inventory balance visibility, efficient warehouse organization, rapid material movement, improved efficiency and productivity, optimized transportation plans, and ultimately satisfied, returning customers.

Oracle Inventory Management Cloud is a broad suite of products that includes Inventory Cloud, Cost Management Cloud, Financial Orchestration Cloud and Supply Chain Orchestration Cloud. Together these solutions form a complete physical and financial materials management core of the supply chain supporting Ideate-to-Commercialize, Plan-to-Produce, Source-to-Settle, Order-to-Cash, and Plan-to-Maintain integrated business flows.