ERP Selection Guide for Agriculture And 5 Best Agriculture ERPs You Need to Explore

ERP or enterprise resource planning is management software that helps organizations handle all processes using only a single system. It is accounting and operational oriented and considers databases to be the primary source of corporate information. Optimal for manufacturing companies, ERP helps identify and plan resource requirements for the entire enterprise.

To examine procured fertilizers and seed, produced and distributed crops, agricultural companies need consistent and salable Livestock & Agriculture management software. It’s a complete solution to help you maintain your day-to-day operations, check product quality, account, manage inventory, and more.

List of the 5 Best Agricultural ERP Software 

  1. Krisol ERP
  2. Crop In Smart Farm
  3. PanAgro
  4. Satya FIMS
  5. Aahaar ERP

Krisol ERP

Krisol ERP is complete agricultural ERP software that helps you go beyond crop inventory management. Depending on your business requirements, you can customize it for different business processes such as supply chain management, finance, personnel, distribution and transactions, CRM and more.

Other aspects:

Improve productivity on the same land area by optimal use of resources

  • Extra inventory is not left idle, it is distributed using the inventory management feature
  • Its CRM module facilitates management of crop sales activities, order details, customer information and more.
  • Key features: Complete data from sowing to harvesting of crops can be recorded and maintained. You can also follow the sales record of all farmers.

Crop In Smart Farm

Crop In Smart Farm is user friendly solution and healthy for farm administration. This is a smart agricultural solution that will revolutionize agriculture with accurate production predictability.

Other aspects:

  • You get advice for your crop based on the weather forecast
  • It helps you adhere to compliance for perfect farm management
  • Create insightful business reports

Pan Agro

Pan Agro is complete agricultural ERP software appropriate for agricultural businesses of all types. Easily incorporate with handheld devices such as tablets and smartphones to conclude crop productivity, regulate sales and track farmer attendance on the go.

Other aspects:

  • You can define tasks, assign them, and track their status at any time.
  • The BI tool helps improve operational efficiency by providing real-time information.
  • Maximize productivity by optimizing resource utilization.

Satya FIMS

Satya FIMS is a Farmer Information Management System (FIMS) that helps you collect, record and manage complete farmer personal information, livestock, farm data and more.

Other aspects:

  • It is advisable to grow crops based on the soil health card
  • Future inventory is recommended considering demand and distribution
  • Provides land information based on khasra, longitude and latitude

Aahaar ERP

Aahaar ERP is one of the most excellent agricultural ERP systems for running various functions of food growing and export business. This agricultural software can be installed in flour mills, spice factories, sugar factories, FMCG, frozen food stores, ready-to-eat stores, and more.

Other aspects:

  • Helps manage accounting and financial functions
  • Advanced analysis reporting system
  • A fully updated tax module allows you to charge the applicable tax rate on your invoice


With the help of ERP solutions, companies are working efficiently and rigorously increasing their profit margins.  The water, fertilizers, fertilizers and other materials needed to grow crops can be used wisely with the help of technology. Microsoft Dynamics 365 bc for Agriculture & Livestock is also part of the modern technology invested by agribusiness.

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