Managing Supply Chain Efficiently


  • Oracle SCM Cloud enables businesses to manage their supply chains with the scale, security, innovation and agility that modern markets require.
  • Oracle’s SCM solutions offer the broadest and deepest range of capabilities to modernize your operations.
  • Supply Chain Planning provides database centric holistic planning and optimization.
  • Supply chain performance increases by analyzing all aspects of a supply chain and developing optimal plans across the virtual supply chain.
  • Inventory management supervises the flow of goods from manufacturers to warehouses and from these facilities to point of sale.
  • Oracle supply and distribution planning solutions align supply to demand and enable data sheet, oracle supply chain planning and inventory optimization.
  • Supply chain collect key master data and transaction data for planning.
  • Supply chain can create, reschedule, cancel production orders, purchase orders, and transfer order to release consensus forecast.
  • Standardized integration process for all value Chain Planning applications
  • Improved customer service at lower supply chain cost.
  • Enhanced supply chain visibility through collaboration with customers and supplier

Importance of inventory value in a supply chain
Oracle supply and distribution planning solutions align supply to demand and enable an efficient response to unexpected supply chain problems. A supply chain management (SCM) system is a set of software solutions that manages sourcing, transportation, inventory and warehouse management, and shipping. Consumers wanted to interact with products at any link of the value chain whether it is block chain, Internet of Things, or adaptive intelligence, Oracle SCM Cloud incorporates the digital supply chain with capabilities. That include product innovation, strategic material sourcing, outsourced manufacturing, integrated logistics, Omni channel fulfillment, and integrated demand and supply. The Supply Chain Management Blog covers the latest in SCM is having enough inventory to survive the holiday with optimizing value in the entire supply chain from the Supplier’s to the end consumer.A key function of inventory management is to keep a detailed record of each new or returned product as it enters or leaves a warehouse or point of sale.Generally, inventory types can be grouped into four classifications i.e. raw material, work-in-process, finished goods, and MRO goods.

Sales forecasting and demand planning both have profitability impact Inventory ordering policies, communication between sales and supply chain and customers. In fact demand forecast results can affect inventory .These statistical models create the starting values over a selected time horizon. The supply chain is always better off with secondary can generate and manage upgraded inventory campaigns to correlate ad copy with price or description attributes from your inventory feed.Both asset tracking and inventory tracking software can leverage barcode and RFID technology to Asset tracking refers to tracking unique items of value.


  • Increased ability to sense and shape demand to drive profit
  • Improve asset utilization and lifespan
  • Improve forecasts by accounting for intermittent, seasonal, and fast moving service supply chain demand patterns
  • Optimize the replenishment and redistribution of parts across the extended service network
  • Determine an inventory strategy that balances revenue, cost, and customer service levels with inventory budgets
  • Make better decisions faster—around-the-clock—with a planning model that controls your entire supply chain

Inventory value in a supply chain organization goes between are captivated for appearing to be Quality things. As such, endeavor our things to test you will never be puzzled .Prudence Technology ensures via Oracle Apps that organization is benefited with right platform and maintains high customer satisfaction. After all service accolades are measured by how your consumer spreads through word of mouth.  Companies rely on Oracle Apps for maintaining their Business. Prudence Technology has a vast experience in the domain and continuously working with the telecom sector to ensure growth and profitability