Preprocessing Upgrade Checklist: Sections and Tasks for a Seamless Upgrade Journey

The Preprocessing upgrade checklist provides a comprehensive overview of tasks required for data upgrade preprocessing. Each task within the checklist is marked with a completion status, allowing you to track your progress.

The checklist is organized into four sections, initially collapsed for easy navigation:

#Preparing Your Source System: Testing and Setting the Stage for Upgrade

  • This section focuses on testing and preparing the source system for the upgrade process.
  • Key tasks within this section involve creating shadow and dictionary tables.
  • These tables serve as designated areas where the upgrade framework will store the data prepared for the subsequent upgrade phase.

#Preparing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business central Source System Data for Preprocessing

  • In this section, the tasks revolve around preparing the data from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business central source system for preprocessing.
  • Importantly, these tasks can be completed without impacting the production system data.
  • Clicking on a task will open a form that prompts you for specific information related to the task.

#Performing Data Preprocessing on the Live System

  • This section focuses on running data preprocessing scripts while the source system is still live and in production.
  • These tasks involve executing scripts that preprocess and transform the data for the upcoming upgrade.
  • The resulting prepared data is then stored in shadow tables, getting ready for bulk copy to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business central target system.
  • It is important to note that these tasks are carried out without disrupting the normal operation of the live system.

#Performing Data Preprocessing in Single-User Mode

  • In this phase, the final preparations are made to the source data before the bulk copy process.
  • Initiating the tasks in this section marks the beginning of the system downtime window, during which the system will not be accessible for production use.
  • These tasks involve critical steps that ensure the source data is ready for the data upgrade process on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business central target system.

It is important to complete these tasks efficiently to minimize system downtime and ensure a smooth transition to the upgraded system.

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