The 7 Success Factors: Art & Science of Selecting a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner

From the first week of August, 2021, customers and partners can corroborate the latest features of Microsoft Dynamics but within a non-production ambiance. These features include augmentation of user experience which eventually will automatically start working for users in a productive environment approximately in October 2021. But whereas on one hand the new and improved top-notch features will matter to a great extent, choosing an efficient partner for the new wave plans can lead to a more impeccable experience.

Product acquaintance

The Unified Interface provides an innovative access path to various features of the Application. The partner who understands the Interface alongside the ease of customizations from Power Platform according to need, can support in implementing intuitive applications, resulting in better adoption.

Familiarity with work culture

A right Dynamics 365 partner helps effective transformation of business operations by providing comprehensive services. Besides, these professionals closely work with core teams to implement services to improve an organization’s ROI and increase business productivity. Also, a wise partner should be enthusiastic about your business and offer training and support to boost your Dynamics 365 journey.

Accomplishments in the industry

Dedicated partners have skilled resources. Even so, when understanding the functional requirements, the partner must understand the enterprise landscape and future demands/needs. Thus, partners with experience in rolling out Enterprise solutions will understand the unspoken requirements, which eventually drives a lot of decisions impacting the Dynamics 365 setup.

Integration and ecosystem awareness

Dynamics 365 comes with rich features in CRM and ERP space. Yet, these applications need to be integrated with other upward & downward IT systems. A partner with in-depth knowledge of the platform eco-system and capabilities of each of those platform components will shine in guiding towards the right choices. However, keep in mind that incorrect decisions will result in higher CAPEX (i.e., licenses) and OPEX (i.e., support) costs.

Values and ethics

The partner should ensure continuation in bringing capabilities to employees in their workflow while at the same time enhancing the current capability set as part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources app for Microsoft Teams. Employees can edit, cancel or submit their requests using the app. Your technically sound partner also enhances a manager’s ability to view more details about their direct reports’ leave balances and have better visibility of the team and company calendar.

Communicative skills

Effective and open communication continues to enhance benefits in management capabilities by investing in a simplified setup and configuration for every user. In the case of Microsoft Dynamics for Supply Chain management, interactive planning enables a robust supply chain with enhancements in significant expenses such as manufacturing and warehousing. 

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