The Best ERP Consultant For Microsoft Dynamic NAV

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation is a process of studying the current business practices, streamlining operating procedure, installing and testing software, managing change, training users, cleaning and migrating data and maintaining support. It is a complicated process that requires professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the subject. This is where Prudence Consulting comes into the picture.

Prudence Consulting is a company that serves customers from all over the world and provides them with excellent business solutions. Their specialists are certified and experienced in several industries such as Retail, E-commerce, Agriculture, etc. They are the best ERP consultant for Microsoft Dynamic NAV.

The key steps for successful ERP implementation:

  • Research
  • Installation
  • Migration
  • Testing
  • Training
  • Deployment
  • Support

The industry solutions offered by Prudence Consulting.

  1. navfarm: Software for agriculture farms management for almost all kinds of farming. It helps the farmers in making quick and innovative decisions.
  2. navOne: This software is used for order and inventory management and comes with a barcode inventory. Prudence offers this software to capture all the transactions, be it a warehouse or a retail store.
  3. navNirman: The measurement books of the construction industry are a very vital part of the business. All the steps starting from tender to final billing are automated using this software.
  4. navProject: This is specially designed for employee cost analysis and engagement. Using this tool, you can create Time-sheets, Expenses, Leaves and task assignments as per the project allocated to each employee. It is the perfect solution for any project manager and helps them to automate the complete cycle.
  5. navGrant: In various projects, the execution is influenced by partners. This tool helps in automation of the process by providing self-service tools for the partners reporting and back-to-back mapping for your teams and managers.
  6. navCube: This tool is developed for data monitoring which is very important for the smooth running of the business. It contains predefined dashboards and KPI reports which are built upon the Microsoft Power BI.
  7. navPartner: This is a custom solution that offers effective management for vendors and saves time by automating the whole interaction process.
  8. navExpense: This software assists organizations in defining their own expense rules and quick settlement for employee satisfaction. It offers the expense analysis and can integrate with any core financial systems.

All the products are services offered by Prudence Consulting will highly benefit your business.

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