Understand which Microsoft Dynamics 365 Product Is Right For You

Choosing the right Microsoft Dynamics 365 product can be a perplexing task. However, with the help of reliable Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC consulting, you can get it done with the utmost ease. There are different types of MS Dynamics 365 ERP solutions. However, before you choose one, make sure that its features will perfectly align with your day-to-day business operational needs. Alternatively, you may reach out to the professional MS Dynamics BC consulting services and get useful advice for the deployment of the solution. 


List of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Products

There are 12 different MS Dynamics products, as stated in the below-given list: 


1: Dynamics 365 for Sales 

This product is suitable for the sales leaders who use it to streamline the operational sales processes. 


2: Dynamics 365 for Customer Service 

If you are in the customer service industry, then it can be the best bet for the customer service leaders and customer service operations.


3: Dynamics 365 for Field Service 

This tool is highly accredited among the field service leaders in streamlining the core competencies of the field service operations. 


4: Dynamics 365 for Human Resource 

As the name itself suggests, this application is suitable for eliminating the major shortcomings of the core HR and help HR professionals with the recruitment and on-boarding tasks. 


5: Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations 

If you are in the finance sector, then this application has hot you covered. This is highly acclaimed among the finance and operation leaders for making the relevant processes more efficient. 


6: Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management 

You can go with this application in order to streamline the important aspects of supply chain management, such as planning, stock, production, warehouse, and transportation.


7: Dynamics 365 for Commerce

In the world of commerce, this tool is one of the most celebrated names when it comes to systematizing its day-to-day tasks and other things that are imperative. 


8: Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation 

The operation leaders and project leaders highly rely on this application to optimize the processes with reduced time and effort. 


9: Dynamics 365 for Marketing

The marketing solution from the MS Dynamics 365 is efficient to cater to the various marketing process management needs. 


10: Dynamics 365 Artificial Intelligence 

This AI tool is suitable for varied industries, such as sales, customer service, gaining useful market insights, and several others. However, there are industry-specific solutions as well. To choose the right solution, you may get help from MS Dynamics Bc Consulting Services.


11: Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality 

Harvesting the potential of this tool, you can ensure efficient remote assist and layout management tasks. 


12: Dynamics 365 Business Central 

This enterprise resource planning solution is suitable for small to mid-businesses to systematize, track, and manage their regular operations. 


The industry-specific Microsoft Dynamics 365 products also offer cross-business functions and are sometimes tricky to choose. In this situation, you can connect with the MS Dynamics BC consulting services to get relevant advice from the industry from the software solution experts. 

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