Which Business Should Opt For Oracle ERP

Which Business Should Opt For Oracle ERP

Many IT industry users consider Oracle as a database company without realizing that Oracle has one of the most robust ERP systems in the world. They have extraordinarily strong presence with different offerings such as cloud, hosted or on-premise options with different products for the SMB, Enterprise, or large conglomerate. Some of the leading products of oracle ERP are:

  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Oracle Cloud ERP-Fusion
  • Oracle J D Edwards
  • Oracle People Soft
  • Oracle Netsuite

However, every product has strong presence in respective industries. Here we will touch upon only 2 application which are:

Oracle E-Business Suite & Oracle ERP Cloud-Fusion

Both of the above products are leading products of Oracle Inc. The main strengths of these products are

  • Can handle high volume data
  • Can support multi country operations
  • Made for the highest security standards

Now the question arise these products are good for which all industries? Let explore the same:


  • A remarkably high voluminous data is generated in retail industry.
  • Further due to widespread across location a strong security measure is required.
  • Multiple sessions across the channels create a need of faster processing speed.
  • Multiple POS systems create another need of strong & fast integration with core ERP


Looking at above requirements, Oracle E-Business Suite and ERP Cloud are the best fit for the retail industry. Some of the large stores on Oracle ERP are fab India, GAP, Bata


  • Large volume of customers creating need of a transaction system which support huge database.
  • Global operations and multiple territory another reason to use a system which support multi country model with currencies & taxation system.
  • Large size of number of employees and complex business scenario involving sales, marketing work force.
  • Strict local law compliance

Hence for Telecom also Oracle ERP e-business suite or cloud both are suitable products as they support global compliances with large database operations. Oracle is running up to millions of employees in multiple organizations.

Some of the big names are Airtel, Vodafone, Tashi Telecom, Nepal Telecom etc.

Project Based Industries:

Industries which runs based on the projects such as EPC, Construction, Professional Services or Development sector have one common need, they need strong project management along with project costing & resource management. Post-acquisition of the Primavera the world leading software for project management, Oracle ERP & E-business suite have emerged as the leader in these industries. Some of the customers are:

Development Sector- PHFI, HelpAge, IPE Global, Oxfam etc.

EPC: Gammon & Dunkley,

Professional Service: PWC, Nagarro Systems

Real Estate: Anasals, Omaxe, IL&FS

These industries are indicated as best fitment for the Oracle. Apart from this Oracle is also strong in Public Utilities, Financial Institutions, Manufacturing etc.

If you are looking for ERP, you need to consider the best product based on the strengths of the product for your industry, It is always advisable to have a look in to the system based on your business. Prudence Consulting is the Best ERP Consulting Providers in this domain.